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New clients tell us they usually hire someone whose resume looks good, the person interviews well and everyone seems to like the person. Then they will tell us that after a short while it seems like a different person showed up for work and after a few months that person is no longer with them. They are usually puzzled by what happens. But they never test applicants or they give them only minor skill tests.


You won't really know if you have a good applicant unless you test them for the following: Analytical abilities, People handling abilities, Motivation, Correct personality type for the position, Integrity and Attitude. Anything less you invite failure or so so performance which if done enough can bankrupt a company.

Our tests are designed to cover all these aspects and have been validated over the last 25 years.

It is almost impossible to determine Analytical abilities in an interview or from a resume. People handling abilities would take too long to figure out even by the best interviewers. It is easy to pretend to have good Motivation and Attitude during the interview process. You would almost have to be a trained psychologist to be able to figure out Personality in an interview. Who is going to admit they are Dishonest in an interview or which reference is going to admit an employee was fired for dishonesty?


The best aptitude and attitude assessments will have embedded lie questions that measure exaggeration. They will also make adjustments for that exaggeration so you won't be fooled by someone who exaggerates.

The best competency and skill tests will have 4 to 5 possible answers to each question so that if the person really doesn't understand the right answers, he or she will clearly fail the test.

Our personality, motivation, integrity and attitude assessments not only measure levels of exaggeration but also make adjustments for it. Our skills and competency tests have 4 or 5 possible answers to each question or problem so only top performers know the right answers. The rest will just be guessing and failing. You will no longer be hiring so so performers.


These Assessment tests have been used internationally in hundreds of different types of businesses for the last 25 years. The emphasis of the Wimbush Assessments is the ability to discern great people and top performers from the others. There are plenty of assessments on the market today that are so popular they are household names—but some of those assessments were never designed to sort through your candidates and give you a clear, hire, no hire decision. They were never designed for candidates who exaggerate or cheat trying to get a job.

Our assessments show the

baloney presentation from reality.

Candidate C looks good and is good. The rest just look good on paper and in interviews.


We recommend you try our 35 minute free demo or have someone you know do it. When you see the results, you can see for yourself the accuracy of our tests.

The free demo will only take you 35 minutes and if a picture is worth a 1000 words, a free demo and its results must be worth a million. If you do it yourself you will not only learn about yourself, your greatest strengths, how you compare to others and do your due diligence all at the same time.


We will do enough complimentary demos to show you the accuracy of our tests.


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