How to deal with Technology in the Hiring Process

Technology and the hiring process are nearly inseparable. The affordability of computers and widespread internet access changed hiring in profound ways and continues to do so.

From assessment tests to resume scanning, technological hiring tools can have a big impact on the hiring process. This discussion of technology in hiring will help you decide what’s best for your company.

Technology Can Help You Hire the Right People

As you probably know, applicant tracking software can be an amazing tool. Use these programs to
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Is a Slow Hiring Process Hurting You?

Many factors affect the speed of the hiring process. Not all are in your control; everyone knows how suddenly we can get sidetracked.

It is important to do all you can to keep an efficient pace. There is no exact number of weeks that suits every opening or company, but you must avoid excessively slow hiring. Only emergencies and executive hunts should stretch past the two month mark.

Why A Slow Hiring Process Is Problematic

Slow hires can be as damaging as hires
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Get the Most Out of Temporary Workers

Hiring temporary workers has become more common in recent years. They are great for short term projects and to cover key roles while looking for a full time replacement. If your company is thinking about turning to temp workers for the sake of budget, efficiency, or as a means of trying out possible permanent hires, there are a few things to take note of.

The following tips and notes of caution will help you get the most of hiring temp workers.

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Recognize Good Personality Tests from the Bad

Business owners, HR professionals, hiring experts, and candidates often ask: Do pre-employment personality tests actually work?

The key to making personality assessments work for you is to choose well-designed, thorough tests and bypass those that rely on unscientific and easily manipulated questions.

Choose a strong, validated test to discover a candidate’s suitability – or incompatibility – for your latest opening. Personality tests can work for you.

Here, we’ll explore three characteristics of good personality tests and three elements to avoid.

Good Personality Tests

A good
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Hiring for Potential, 3 Reasons Why

To hire effectively, you must careful consider each candidate’s potential. Many hiring experts emphasize evaluating candidates for their ability to grow. Some even recommend going for potential over experience. However, many employers are understandably reluctant to put too much stock in potential and prefer to just hire for relevant skills and experience.

In this article, we’ll show you three reasons why candidates’ potential is so important. You will also learn four ways you can start hiring for potential today.

3 Reason Why
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Advanced Listening: The Key to Being a Better Interviewer

Listening skills are mandatory for anyone interviewing candidates and making hiring decisions. Interviewers need a sharp ear to pick up both factual information and more subtle clues in candidates’ words.

Here we have five tips to improve your listening skills – and your hiring expertise.

Improving Your Listening Skills for Interviews

Thankfully, you can improve your listening skills all the time. Any conversation can help hone your abilities. Presentations and meetings are also great opportunities for improving your attention span, remembering detail, and
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