Managing Your Talent Bullpen in 4 Easy Steps

How to Manage Your Talent Bullpen

Recruiting aint’ easy!

When balancing several requisitions at a time, advertising can net several candidates, some good and some bad. Some may even be especially good, but not relevant for the position you’re currently recruiting for. Then there’s the sourced candidates; those candidates who you’ve combed, trolled, and stalked the internet resume databases and every probable social media site. Once you’ve collected a healthy number of candidates to fill your pipeline, what is the best way
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Employment is Up, Wages are Not

According to ADP, employment continues to rise, with non-farm employment up 182,000 jobs since September. Of these, 24,000 are in goods production, 35,000 in construction, 158,000 in the service-providing sector, and 2,000 down in manufacturing, with 90,000 up in small business overall. So despite continued employment growth over the past year, what’s the deal with wages?

Lagging Behind

Wages have severely lagged behind production percentages within the last 30-40 years. In the 30 years following WWII, hourly compensation rested at 91% with
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How to Choose Your People (and Avoid Problem Generators)

It’s no surprise that to have a successful business operation, you need smart, motivated, and success-oriented people on your team. There are several ways to identify top performers when recruiting candidates for your business, and just as many ways to identify bottom performers, also known as “problem generators.” Problem generator employees won’t live up to their promises and will also bring the rest of your team down with them. One way to sort through candidates is through the use of
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What Makes a Stellar Resume?

How You Know You’re Looking at a Stellar Resume

Resumes are fun to read, aren’t they? But what makes a resume good? What makes a resume so good that you want to contact that person out of the sea of other resumes from eager and hopeful candidates?

Quantified Effort

Sure, you led a team and increased profits. But this other guy managed, trained, and coached a team of supervisors-in-training and increased quarterly profit margins from 25k to 45k in less than
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What Are Millennials Looking For in a Career?

What Are Millennials Looking For in a Career?

Ahhhh, millennials. The technology and social media-obsessed, “all about me” generation that somehow managed to finagle LOL and OMG into the dictionary… Like, WTF? Here to stay, most companies can’t function without them. They’re literally taking over, and will be the leaders of generations to come. What are these wacky mid-20 and early 30-somethings looking for in a career anyway? Of course, if they’re not running their own business, that is…

They Want Their
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How to Catch Your Next Top Performer

Sourcing isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes planning and forethought and, oftentimes, a list of keywords or Boolean search strings that help you narrow your search in finding the perfect candidate. Sourcing for candidates that fit your profile may not be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack, though it does take some time and expertise. You know what you want in a candidate, but where do you find them?

Here’s a failproof list of ways to
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