Why Hiring Interns is Good for Business

Hiring Interns

Hiring interns can be a benefit to both a company and the intern seeking to gain real-world, practical experience in their field of study. A company that hires an intern will need to have a detailed plan for the work that the interns are expected to perform.

A review of tasks to be accomplished by interns is essential for two reasons: First, the intern’s experience should be gratifying for them and provide the training that will be useful in their
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The 4 Most Effective Pre-Employment Screening Techniques

Utilize an Effective Pre-Employment Screening System

A resume is a candidate’s one chance to shine; an initial first impression to grab your attention as the hiring manager. But what about candidates who use this opportunity to highlight fabricated achievements and work timelines to make themselves appear more competitive in hopes to be selected for the job? Without knowing any of the applicants in your talent pool, how do you navigate the waters of truth and fiction?

Highlights on a Resume

Every candidate’s resume
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What Candidate’s Interview Questions Reveal About Them

Candidate’s Interview Questions and What They Reveal

Typically in an interview, the interviewer does most of the question-asking. As any good interviewer knows, it’s important to allow a candidate to ask their own questions, usually at the close of an interview, as this can show genuine interest and thoughts a candidate has about a job. In fact, if a candidate does not have any questions during or after an interview, this is often a red flag and is something to be
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Cover Letter, Resume, and Curriculum Vitae: What’s the Difference?

A cover letter, resume, and curriculum vitae are typically the main staples of any pre-employment process. Resumes, for example, often are encouraged to supplement job applications, if not completely replace them in some cases. Similarly, cover letters are used even in addition to applications and resumes to briefly summarize a candidate’s employment achievements and objectives. Conversely, the CV or Curriculum Vitae is a display of one’s personal academic achievements and focuses less on work experience. They all have similarities yet
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Top 13 Things Candidates Are Looking for Out of a Career

As much as employers seek to find the best candidates for their available positions, good quality candidates are doing research of their own. This marriage between an employer and employee is just as important that there is a good fit on both sides of the fence.

Here are several key factors that candidates (and employees) want and value out of a career:

An Intuitive, Efficient Hiring Process

Candidates want to be able to apply for a position in a way that highlights their
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Latest Trends in Hiring

Latest Trends in Hiring

In recent years, many businesses have struggled to maintain profits and retain employees. Others have successfully expanded their operations and continue to succeed. There are many reasons for these differences, but some of the easiest factors to understand include business size, industry, and geographic location.

Here are some of the latest trends in hiring and employment:

Small Business – Service-focused Jobs Increase Most

The latest ADP Employment Report (April 2015) brought some good news for small businesses,
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