Setting a Hiring Timeline

The hiring process will undoubtedly look different for each business and is ultimately dependent on the needs and goals of the company. The timeline of the hiring process however, should follow some basic guidelines no matter your company or industry. Both rushed and excessively slow hiring processes can result in negative outcomes for your company. Too slow and you add stress, lose money, and alienate candidates. Too fast and you miss important details and end up with costly mistakes.

No one
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Behavioral Interview Questions

Interview experts agree on one major point: behavioral interview questions offer the best chance to really understand what a candidate can do for your company.

What are behavioral interview questions?

Behavioral or situational questions target specific situations and responses. They ask the candidate to reflect on a past or hypothetical scenario. Then, the candidate should describe and analyze their response. This doesn’t just allow you hear how they might perform a task or problem-solve, it can also be a great way to
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Advertising Job Openings


Advertising Job Openings: Where to Begin?

Post an open position on a job board and you are guaranteed to get responses – probably too many. On the other hand, your ideal candidate may never see a single opening listed on your small business’s website. Reaching out exclusively to people already in your professional network can be limiting as well.

So how do you decide where to post your job opening? Each medium has unique costs and a unique audience.

Internet and Print

Always post
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Body Language in Interviews

Body Language in Interviews

Body language is a favorite topic in business coaching. It is constantly cited as an overlooked way to both improve our image, how we present ourselves to others, and how we evaluate others. But here’s the thing- most of us don’t overlook body language; we just project and absorb it subconsciously.

Paying Attention to Body Language

Making yourself aware of body language in interviews can help with the following:

- Setting the Tone. Over time, you learn what interview style
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Advertising Salary Range in Job Ads and Descriptions

The question of when and how to set salary expectations can trip up even experienced employers and interviewers. Should you advertise salary outright? Should you wait until you’ve chosen the candidate? Are ranges better than a specific amount? Do you need a salary history?

As with any employment issue, there are both pros and cons of advertising job salaries and salary ranges.

Pros of Advertising Salary

Many companies choose to advertise salary in their job postings to accomplish certain screening objectives early on.
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How to deal with Technology in the Hiring Process

Technology and the hiring process are nearly inseparable. The affordability of computers and widespread internet access changed hiring in profound ways and continues to do so.

From assessment tests to resume scanning, technological hiring tools can have a big impact on the hiring process. This discussion of technology in hiring will help you decide what’s best for your company.

Technology Can Help You Hire the Right People

As you probably know, applicant tracking software can be an amazing tool. Use these programs to
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