Hiring Older Workers

Older Workers

Hiring older workers is a somewhat controversial issue in today’s business world. Because of the economic downturn, many older individuals are delaying their retirement or unexpectedly seeking new work. Employers recognize that extending job offers to older workers carries some unique risks. However, it also offers its share of rewards. There are both drawbacks and benefits to hiring older workers and both must be weighed carefully.

The most obvious benefit of hiring older workers is their experience. Regardless of
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What is the Real Cost of Hiring?


cost of hiring

The cost of bad hires, frequent turnover, resignations, and firing can be enormous. There’s time, effort, and stress, but the financial bottom line is usually the greatest concern. To run or manage a successful business, you need to hire the right people and keep them. It helps to see the real impact of lost employees. What exactly makes hiring new employees so expensive, and what are the real world numbers?

An employee who leaves their position sets off
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Conduct Better Interviews



There is more to conducting interviews than simply asking the right questions. Interviewing requires not only knowledge but forethought and good presentation. The process is easier for some than others, but practice can help every interviewer improve. If your interviews seem to yield disappointing results or seem like a terrible chore, consider whether you are facing one of the problems described below. Note that these issues are most common with those new to interviewing.

There is awkward silence or you
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Dealing with a Bad Hire


Bad hire

Avoiding a “bad hire” is a standard goal for every organization. Bad hires are stressful, costly, and time-consuming. They cause emotional and practical difficulties for everyone involved and have a negative effect on productivity and growth. But how do you know if you really have a bad hire on your hands?

A seemingly bad hire might improve with time or training. The key to turning bad hires around into good performers is setting clear an measurable expectations. The moment
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Employment Assessments Improve Interviews

Employment assessment tests and interviews may be the most valuable tools in your hiring kit. It is easy enough to discover the value of evaluating candidates using multiple methods. Combining assessment tests with a well structured interview process will statistically improve hiring top performers up to 90%.

Good employment assessment tests a candidate objectively and allow you to see the truth behind resumes and interview answers. A candidate, especially an experienced one, can lie about skills, desires, habits, and other important
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Prepare for Better Employee Performance Reviews

Employee performance reviews are an important part of effective management. Every business can benefit from the process. However, advanced planning is needed in order to achieve results. You must prepare for the reviews and have a basic plan for conducting them. Performance reviews are most useful and beneficial if you take care to outline goals, plan topics of discussion, and consider potential difficulties.

Announcing performance reviews at least a week or two in advance will give employees time to prepare useful
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