5 Ways to Combat Absenteeism at Work


It’s a bird. It’s a plane. Nope, it’s your chronically absent employee’s empty desk chair. Again. What will you do about Harold?

Absenteeism is a major issue in the workplace that extends beyond personal illness. There can be several legitimate reasons that employees miss work and other, well, not so legitimate. In any case, how you deal with and address an employee’s absence in the workplace is ultimately what matters the most.

What’s the Problem?

Absenteeism takes on many
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Education vs. Experience in the Workplace

The  Education vs. Experience debate has been a hot topic facing college graduates as they complete their degrees and flood into the workforce looking for, oftentimes, the first “real job” of their adult lives.

What Employers Want

Nine out of ten times, employers want to see real-world, hands-on work experience. Whether a student is just graduating or still in school, internships, part-time unpaid work experiences, and even full-time work goes a long way when being considered for a new position.

A survey published by
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2016 Job Growth Continues to Climb

We are rounding third base to close out Q1 and, in terms of employment, that means continued job growth across most sectors of non-farm, private employment moving into Q2.

Increased Growth Among Various Sectors

Job growth has increased by 214,000 from January to February. Small businesses account for 76,000 jobs, with mid-sized businesses clocking in at 62,000 jobs, and larger businesses picking up roughly 76,000 new workers. The service-providing sector has seen the most increase with a total of 208,000 added jobs,
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Dealing with Problem Generators (Video)

Improving workplace productivity starts with getting the right people on your team and eliminating the wrong ones. Furthermore, preventing problem generators from joining your organization in the first place is probably the best move you can make for your organization overall, but how?

Reference Checks and Assessment Testing to the Rescue

This is accomplished through two key steps: performance-based hiring, or more specifically strategic interviewing which includes thorough reference checking, and the use of pre-hire assessments that measure for things
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Job Hopping Candidates

Job hopping may not be as prevalent (or undesirable a thing) as it first appears. According to the Bureau of Labor, U.S. workers boasted average job tenure of 4.6 years in 2014, a figure that has remained relatively unchanged since 2012, and has grown from an average of 3.7 years in 2002. Sticking with a position for 15 years seems to be a thing of the past anymore though, especially for millennials, who change jobs on average every 1-3 years.
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How to Deal When a Top Employee Resigns

Oh no! One of your star employees has decided to leave for another opportunity. He’s a top performer who always seems to be ahead of the game, boosts office morale, and cheerfully brings donuts for everyone each week. Now what? After you move through the five stages of grief and come to terms with this new change, here are some topics to consider when a top employee resigns.

Don’t Panic!

There will be others! Break the news to your team in a
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