Prepare for Better Employee Performance Reviews

Employee performance reviews are an important part of effective management. Every business can benefit from the process. However, advanced planning is needed in order to achieve results. You must prepare for the reviews and have a basic plan for conducting them. Performance reviews are most useful and beneficial if you take care to outline goals, plan topics of discussion, and consider potential difficulties.

Announcing performance reviews at least a week or two in advance will give employees time to prepare useful
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What to Look for When Hiring Managers

The process of hiring managers can be more difficult than hiring other employees. Both the process and the selection have an extra weight to them, thanks to the nature of the position. You will be working more closely with these individuals and it is essential they are capable of teaching and directing others. Discovering which candidates are most adept at navigating relationships while also evaluating them for other important skills requires extra attention.

As with other employees, managers and supervisors must
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What is the True Cost of Hiring?

What is the real cost of hiring and  gaining new talent? The true cost of hiring varies by position and company, an employee can cost of $150,000 or more over one to two years. Only a small fraction of this cost is due to the talent search, but it is recruiting and hiring that determines what kind – how many – of the other costs you will incur. Hiring correctly can save you far more than you think.

The true cost
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Is Your Hiring Process Broken?

There is an overwhelming amount of information available about the best approaches to the hiring process. Like any major change, a plan to update and improve your hiring process will take time to implement. Reviewing your current methods is an important step in this process. It will allow you to see what is working, what isn’t, and what is just going well enough. With limited time and energy, it’s essential that you know where to focus your efforts.

Improving your recruiting
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Excelling at Passive Recruiting

Passive recruiting targets individuals who aren’t out job hunting or passing their names around. To find the talent you need, you may want to engage in this type of recruitment, but it takes some skill. Because these candidates aren’t actively seeking work, they are harder to find and more difficult to entice. However, these passive candidates may be some of the most talented, experienced, and valuable talent you will encounter. Learning to use passive recruiting techniques will allow you to
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5 Hiring Tips for a New Business

Starting a new business is an enormous undertaking. Finding the right staff is an immediate priority for some burgeoning companies, while other, smaller ventures may be able to gain some traction before settling into a serious search. Regardless of your particular case, your first talent search is a particularly important one.

The following tips will help your new business start its talent search right:


1. Do research first

Learning about the latest hiring research and proven techniques for finding top talent will put
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