Job Hopping Candidates

Job hopping may not be as prevalent (or undesirable a thing) as it first appears. According to the Bureau of Labor, U.S. workers boasted average job tenure of 4.6 years in 2014, a figure that has remained relatively unchanged since 2012, and has grown from an average of 3.7 years in 2002. Sticking with a position for 15 years seems to be a thing of the past anymore though, especially for millennials, who change jobs on average every 1-3 years.
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How to Deal When a Top Employee Resigns

Oh no! One of your star employees has decided to leave for another opportunity. He’s a top performer who always seems to be ahead of the game, boosts office morale, and cheerfully brings donuts for everyone each week. Now what? After you move through the five stages of grief and come to terms with this new change, here are some topics to consider when a top employee resigns.

Don’t Panic!

There will be others! Break the news to your team in a
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How to Improve Your Productivity at Work


In a survey done by CareerBuilder, over 2000 hiring and HR managers indicated that technology was the #1 distraction throughout the workday. Thirty-one percent claimed that email was at the top of their distraction list, while 44% blamed the internet. By far the most distracting offender for productivity? The ringing and dinging of cell phones kept nearly 52% of workers from being productive.

Surely distractions are unavoidable at times, but how can we stay on track and ensure that they don’t
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Hiring Checklist for 2016

As we settle into the new year, surely many hiring managers and HR teams are taking the opportunity to evaluate current and upcoming hiring needs in order to implement revisions and appropriately allocate funds to ensure that 2016 sets sail on smooth waters.

Surely there are hundreds of noteworthy topics in regards to hiring for the new year. Here is our list of several of the most important areas of focus for the hiring and talent acquisition arena for 2016.

Candidate Experience

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Top 5 Hiring Trends for 2016

A lot has happened in regards to employment over the last few years, mostly thanks to the recovering economy. While unemployment remains at a steady low rate of just above 5% nationwide, employment rates continue to rise as nearly every industry (with the exception of Oil and Gas) flourishes and continues to add jobs to their sector.

Each year brings a slew of hiring trends to watch out for and attend to. Here’s our list of the top 5
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How to Interview Like a BOSS

Interviewing is easy. Post an ad, call up the applicants who have attention to detail and good communication skills on their resume (cause that’s what’s in the job description), invite them in, and pick the politest, most well-spoken, and nicely dressed individual you meet with. Simple, right?


Interviewing is not a popularity contest, a personality contest, or a best-dressed and most charming contest. Interviewing should be as extensive and well-planned out as NASA planning the next trip to space. Maybe
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